Jeep Tours

Ein Akev Ein Zik and Ein Shaviv
The most famous and most desirable jeep tour is right next to us. We drive to Midreshet Sde Boker to go to Nahal Zin 20 minutes.
A medium difficulty degree field trip arrives at the Ein-Aqeb parking lot 5 minutes walk to the deep water pool (9 meters).
The water is very cold the approach is smooth (careful!). After dipping we will go east to the oil pipeline that we will follow until we reach one of the magical places and less than Metzilim Ein Zik and Ein Shaviv.
A unique desert oasis because it is at the end of a cul-de-sac, this unique place has been exploited by too many travelers!
This wonderful desert, which was always natural and intact with ancient palm trees and poplar trees, remains a vital resting place for travelers between Sde Boker and Nahal Hava another place where it is really worthwhile to hike (a hike in the desert oasis) from there back to Sde Boker on the oil pipeline above Zin and back to road 40

חוות נחל חוורים In the photo: Nahal Hava
חוות נחל חוורים In the photo: Nahal Zin

Ramon Crater
In our area there are many sites that can be reached by regular vehicle

The Ramon crater is a world heritage site with very beautiful tracks for 4x4 vehicles. The following is a recommendation, exit from the farm on Route 40, turn south, pass through Mitzpeh Ramon, descend the Independence Highway, into the crater, enter the east and follow the new geological road that turns east into the crater. Unique in geological terms. Nahal Ardon ends at the entrance to Nahal Nekarot. A cave in Narsarot is a good place for a coffee break. We will then go up the palms to Ein Saharonim. A night station on the ancient Spice Route. Then we will drive to Gvanim Stream and Mount Gvanim. A path with a great view from the mountain, you will see the whole crater. We will descend to the Ramon River. Stop at the colorful wall that reveals all the layers in the crater. A window to the direction of the crater. Return to road 40. Drive north, back to the farm.

* High quality information can be obtained from various information stations in Sde Boker in Mitzpe Ramon and in the Old City of Avdat There are of course many other routes and we will be happy to advise you