Biking and Walking Trails

Walking Trails

  • A ten-minute drive from the Ranch brings us to a well-known trail called Nachal Havarim’s Moon View. As suggested by the name, this trail is best enjoyed by the light of the moon, but is no less beautiful during the day. Suitable for the whole family, this trail can be combined with a walking trail in Ein Ovdat, one of Israel’s National Parks and a World Heritage Site. Visitors to Ein Ovdat enjoy a stroll amongst ancient poplar trees, caves once inhabited by monks, a waterfall and natural water spring, which ends at Nachal Havarim Ranch. There are clear trail markings along the entire trail, which is approximately six hours long and of low to moderate difficulty.
  • Ein Akev – Travel from the Ranch to the ancient city of Ovdat to enjoy the most popular trail in the Negev. Located next door to its modern counterpart (which we aren’t going to explore), the trail begins on a ridge, and continues until it meets the sparkling, cool water of a natural spring and a small waterfall. On the way back, we descend to Nachal Tzin located just below Sde Boker Field School, from which we can backtrack via the Nachal Havarim trail or catch a ride back to the Ranch in a private car.
  • Ancient Rock Paintings – Exit the Ranch and cross Road 40, ascend to the Lipa Observation Point for an exhibition of natural rock murals. You can find information about these rock paintings or any other site, trail, attraction or restaurant from any information booth in the area. These booths are open daily (including Saturdays and almost all holidays) in places such as Midreshet Sde Boker, in the Old City of Ovdat and at the Visitors' Center in Mitzpeh Ramon.
  • Walking Trail in the Ramon Crater – Travel in a private car to Parsat Nekarot which is a two-and-a-half hour winding trail which starts at Ein Saharonim – an early Nabatean “roadstop” on the ancient Spice Route. Vast rock formations and caves that materialized over time in the gorges, greet you along the route. Make your way back through Ma'ale Dekalim.
  • Ardon Stream (also called Nachal Adom) – Travel in a private car and leave the car in the large car park. The trail follows a vibrant stream, flanked on its banks by acacia trees which provide shade. Up ahead we’ll witness one of the most extraordinary places on earth: the dike wall.
We are happy to recommend many other walking trails (there are too many to mention here!).

Jeep Tours
Over the last two years, many kilometers of biking trails have been inaugurated in the vicinity of the Ranch, offering biking enthusiasts comfortable exploration of some of the most beautiful landscapes in the country. One such trail takes us directly from the Ranch to Rosh Zin, a rocky crag with a bird’s eye-view of Nachal Havarim Stream. Many trails follow the Havarim Stream and snake along the Chalukim Ridge that is right above the Ranch, and other remarkable biking trails crisscross the Ramon Crater.

חוות נחל חוורים
חוות נחל חוורים

Tours in Private Vehicles

  • The Ranch’s prime location in the Negev region enables guests to visit many fascinating sites, which are just a short drive away and accessible by private car.
    Ben-Gurion's House in Kibbutz Sde Boker (one of Israel’s National Parks) is a tourist center where the home of the first Prime Minister of Israel remains in its original state, as if frozen in time.
  • The ancient Nabatean city of Ovdat reveals archeological remains from the Roman and Byzantine eras. The city’s churches, Roman structures, cave dwellings and an ancient olive press are well-preserved. At the entrance is a small commercial center with a restaurant, gas station and information booth.
  • The new Visitor’s Center at Mitzpeh Ramon offers visitors a glimpse into the distinctive geology of the region and the life of Israeli astronaut, Ilan Ramon through the Ilan Ramon Center. An activity and experience that comes highly recommended. We descend from the Visitors’ Center into the Crater through Ma'aleh Ha'atzmaut. The entrance from the east on the new geological road (details at the Information Desk of the Visitors' Center) brings you to Ein Saharonim (see “Walking Trails”).